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The Miner Glide


Length: 9in

Weight: 2.8oz

Slow floating (can be easily modified on the water)


The Miner Glide is a slow floating glide bait designed to be worked around cover. It produces a tight, choppy, slashing action. The bait can be worked slowly and methodically, and a wider glide can be achieved with rod sweeps. The Miner Glide can also be burned back to get those aggressive summertime bass to chase. With the bait being a slow float weight, like Suspenstrips, can be added to the hook shanks or body. The hooks can also be swapped out to make the bait suspend or slow sink which makes it a perfect match for any conditions you may face. 1/0 hooks will make for a suspending or extra slow sink bait, while 2/0 hooks will make for a sinking bait.


            The bait is made of a durable 2-part resin, connected with musky grade stainless screw eyes and a 1/8"dia 15-5PH annealed stainless pin. The oversized hardware will mean that your Miner Glide will be less likely to come out of tune saving you hassle on the water. The Miner Glide is finished with an impact resistant automotive clearcoat and comes with a fiber tail.


Swim video:


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The Miner Glide

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