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The Big G


7 inches

2.8 ounces

Equipped with Owner ST-56 1/0 hooks


Cranks 1-2 feet deep but can be waked with rod tip up


This 7inch bait packs a big punch in a manageable package. Weighing in at 2.8 oz it does not require a huge setup to throw. The Big G excels running right below the water’s surface; the bait’s enticing swim and shimmy are perfectly captured at this depth. With the rod tip pointed at the water the Big G can dive down 1-2 ft deep and with the rod tip up the bait will wake back. When the bait is twitched with the reel it will turn and flash it's side making it an effetive way to work a wake around cover including docks, standing timber, laydowns etc. The oversized bill also allows for the bait to easily come over branches and laydowns and is nearly impossible to snap off. 


The name "Big G" comes from my grandmother's nickname. She was an inspiration to me and a huge part of my life, this bait is a way I honor her and the amazing life that she lived. She loved to eat big, slab bluegill, and that is where the profile of this bait came from.

Swim video:

The Big G

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