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The 2N Shad


Length: 8.5in

Weight: 3.5oz

Moderate sinking


The original CooperB8s swimbait. This is a design that has been years in the making. Made of durable resin, equipped with stainless steel hardware and 1/8"dia 15-5PH annealed Stainless pins, this bait will stand up to the toughest of challenges. All baits will also come with a fiber tail and will be finished with three coats of automotive finish.


These baits are a bit different than a standard 3-piece bait. The 2N Shad was designed to be maneuvered slowly, methodically, and worked through and around cover. It has even been described as a "meandering glide" meaning that it behaves somewhere between a normal swimmer and a glide.  The 2N can do be slow rolled, twitched, or glided. But it’s true potential lies in mixing those 3 retrieves on each cast. My personal favorite retrieve is to methodically bring the bait in for 3-4 reel turns then hit the reel handle to make the bait glide out to 1 side or the other. This is deadly in getting followers to bite.


Swim video:

Cast to Catch Drone Footage:

The 2N Shad

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